Live Resin: Sauce / Budder / Badder - What's the Difference?

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 2 years ago

Just like there are many exciting strains of cannabis to enjoy, you also have many different ways to enjoy your favorite blends.

How you enjoy your cannabis can affect the high experience. For example, we’ve talked previously about cooking with cannabis, and how enjoying your cannabis-infused food or baked goods can be a slower, more lingering high.

Smoking, dabbing, edibles, and pills are all different ways to consume cannabis for health and recreation. 

With the invention of new dabbing technology, like the PuffCo Peak, Dr. Dabber, Honeybadger and more, this method of consumption is gaining in popularity every year. 

High-potency cannabis extracts are a popular way of consuming cannabis to maximize the benefits of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Cannabis extracts come in many different forms. They are often named after their appearance, color, texture, and malleability.

To name a few: Sauce, shatter, badder, budder, crumble, sugar, and oil are examples of cannabis extracts.

With so many different options, it can be a little confusing to choose the best cannabis extract for your use. Let’s talk about some of the more popular extracts and what the differences are.

What is Live Resin?

Live Resin is a concentrate made from flash-freezing fresh cannabis flowers. This method preserves the valuable trichomes. Trichomes are the flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes that give you the many health benefits from cannabis.

Live resin is potent and flavorful, offering both a great high and full health benefits from the preserved live plant properties.

Extracts made from live resin tend to have a stronger flavor profile.


What is Cannabis Sauce

Cannabis Sauce or Terp Sauce has a high concentration of Terpenes. Terpenes play a role in the flavor and type of high you experience. You can learn more about Terpenes here.

The central goal of making sauce is to allow the major cannabinoids, especially THC, to crystallize and separate from the terpenes. This makes sauce quite different from other extracts.

Diamond Mining is the process of separating terpene-rich sauce from the cannabinoid-rich crystals.

Both Terp Sauce and Live Resin are considered Full Spectrum. Full Spectrum extracts retain the full plant profile.

While live resin is typically high in terpenes, its chemical content is generally dominant in cannabinoids like THC. Terp sauce, on the other hand, is a terpene extract that may be combined with other cannabinoid-rich concentrates like isolate or distillate. 

When choosing between the two, it ultimately comes down to which terpenes and cannabinoids you prefer and at what ratios/concentrations you prefer to enjoy them.

Budder / Badder

What is Cannabis Budder Badder

Budder, also known as batter or badder, has a consistency as the name suggests - like butter (or cake batter). Budder / badder is another type of cannabis wax. 

Budder is made by using a chemical solvent, typically butane or CO2, to extract the THC from cannabis. The solvent is removed using heat and air pressure to purge the extract. To create its unique texture, the oils are essentially whipped like cake batter during purification, creating the creamy consistency.

Budder is extremely malleable, and thus much easier to smoke than fragile shatter or runny sauce.

Like Live Resin, Budder has both strong terpenes and wonderful flavors. This makes it an ideal choice for dabbing beginners. It has all the benefits of live resin but is more malleable and easier to manage.

The budder concentrate is highly potent, pure and retains high levels of terpenes. This makes it an ideal choice for cannabis enthusiasts.


Live Resin: Dab Rig

Most extracts are best consumed by dabbing. What is dabbing? Dabbing is the process of taking small amounts of concentrated extracts like budder, resin, shatter, or sauce, and consuming it using a dab rig.

Many experts believe dabbing to be a more healthful way to consume cannabis, as it allows you to consume a higher percentage of cannabinoids. For example, 95% of the vapor from dabs contain cannabinoids in contrast to traditional smoking, a consumer will only inhale around 12%.

Still have questions about these popular cannabis extracts? Not sure what form of cannabis is best for you? Visit one of our local dispensaries to talk to our professional budtenders. Or, contact us with your questions. We love to hear from you.

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