How to Use Cannabis to Enhance Experiences (Even Sex!)

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 1 year ago

Interested in recreational use of cannabis to relax or enhance your experiences?

Many people use marijuana responsibility to relax or enjoy themselves, in the same way people use coffee or alcohol in social settings.

Can cannabis improve your experiences? Let’s explore several ways that using cannabis enhances experiences.

Before we get started, keep these two things in mind when using marijuana to enhance experiences:

Start with Small Doses of Different Blends

Different terpenes and blends of marijuana can affect your body in different ways. Start out with small doses of these different blends to see how they impact your body.

Because our bodies are so different when it comes to how chemical messages are sent throughout our nervous system, the impact of cannabis on our bodies can differ greatly from person to person. 

A type of Cannabis that your friend might really enjoy to relax might have a different effect on you. That is why it is important to start with small doses first, and gradually increase.

Testing how different ways of consuming cannabis, and the different blends, will help you get the best possible experiences from your marijuana. 

Know How The Setting Affects Your High

Where you are and who you are with has a big impact on how you experience marijuana. 

Often, how you feel when using cannabis has less to do with the drug, and more to do with your level of sensitivity or to your surroundings and your feelings about the people you are with. Your frame of mind while using marijuana and the environment where you use marijuana that influences the effects are known as set and setting.

For example, one marijuana user I spoke with recently mentioned marijuana relaxes her in most situations and allows her to enjoy experiences more. The one exception is when riding in a car. She found she got extremely anxious and paranoid riding in a car, and knows to avoid that situation when using marijuana.

In the same way, identify experiences or situations that using cannabis can have a negative impact on you, and avoid using when in those situations. 

Now that we know the best ways to use marijuana to get a positive experience, let’s look at ways that cannabis can enhance daily activities.

How Cannabis can Enhance Exercise

Social psychologist Angela Bryan from the University of Colorado Boulder was curious about cannabis, obesity, and exercise. She expected to find cannabis use related to higher rates of obesity.

But digging into health trends revealed the opposite. Nationwide US studies report that, compared to non-users, cannabis users actually have a lower prevalence of obesity. Intrigued, she began to investigate. Earlier this year, her team surveyed more than 600 cannabis users living in US states where the drug is legal about their exercise habits, among other health factors. Four out of five respondents said that they use marijuana right before or after exercising. And those users spent more minutes per week exercising than users who didn’t mix the two.

People who used cannabis when exercising spent more time in a workout, and lower rates of obesity.

Why does Marijuana enhance exercise?

Cannabis acts on the endocannabinoid system, which recent studies have suggested might be responsible for the “high” or euphoric feeling we have during and after exercising. Some scientists believe that taking marijuana before exercising can “jump start” that feeling.

Because of this extra feeling of euphoria, people who use cannabis before exercising might be more likely to continue working out because it becomes more pleasurable.

How Cannabis can Enhance Creativity

Familiar faces and objects can seem unfamiliar or strange, often in a way that is amusing; colors can appear brighter; aesthetic appreciation can be enhanced: and the mood of the individual can be projected onto everything around them. When surroundings are perceived in a positive way, this can be enjoyable. 

The sensory perceptions of hearing and taste are often most strongly affected by marijuana. People who have used marijuana will often report a greater appreciation of music and may spend the entire experience listening to music.

This ability to relax and feel more intense sensory perceptions can help enhance the creativity of users. 

How Cannabis can Enhance Sex

Because mood and senses are enhanced, using marijuana before pleasurable experience like sex can help make those experiences more enjoyable.

Using cannabis is a great way to mix up your routine and provide a new and exciting experience. 

And, like exercise, taking cannabis can help give your pleasure centers a “jump start” even before the fun begins.

How Cannabis can Enhance Cooking

Infuse creativity into your cannabis experience by cooking with cannabis. 

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes (or even making up your own!) is a lot of fun, not to mention delicious. And the best part is after each recipe is complete, you’ll have an exciting new way to use cannabis ready to go.

Not sure where to get started? Cannabutter is a fun and delicious way to add cannabis to your recipes, and it is an easy place to get started.

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