Cannabis Consumption Lounges in Nevada

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 1 year ago

Changes are coming to the Cannabis industry in Nevada this year. One particular change was the result of the recent passage of AB341.

Here is what you need to know.

What is a Cannabis Consumption Lounge?

The Cannabis Consumption Board can now authorize cannabis consumption lounges in the state of Nevada.

The marijuana consumption lounges that are being authorized fall into two categories. The first authorizes the inclusion of a lounge allowed at a dispensary. Each dispensary is only allowed one lounge, regardless of how many locations the dispensary may have.

The second type of lounge allowed in the bill is single-use cannabis lounge by independent businesses.

These will be the first state-licensed and regulated cannabis lounges in Nevada.

What are the possibilities for Cannabis Consumption Lounges?

In addition to consuming marijuana at the dispensary, many other business types will likely want to get in on the action. This authorization could also encompass a restaurant that serves weed-infused dishes, or a yoga studio where smoking is embraced, or an entertainment venue that wants to offer some type of “cannabis experience.”

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Who can use Cannabis Consumption Lounges? 

Lounges will be restricted to people 21 and over, and venues will be able sell ready-to-consume or single-use products, although not in quantities that would make them de facto retail cannabis dispensaries.

Only cannabis products purchased at the lounge are allowed to be consumed there.

Who can become a licensed Cannabis Consumption Lounge?

Hundreds of dispensaries and businesses have already stated their intent to apply for a cannabis lounge license. But many will be left disappointed.

The bill allows for the initial licensing of up to 20 independent consumption lounges and 20 retail consumption lounges that will be attached to existing dispensaries, with the possibility of additional independent licenses if the CCB approves more than 20 retail lounge licenses before June 30, 2022.

An application for a retail consumption lounge costs $100,000, but an application for an independent consumption lounge costs $10,000, and the license issuance and renewal fees are each $10,000 for both types of lounges. But the bill also allows the board to reduce all fees by up to 75 percent for a social equity applicant.

Nevada Cannabis dispensary

Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry

The CCB released a report in February highlighting the social disparities in ownership of marijuana businesses compared to the general workforce in the industry.

As a way to combat these disparities, the board is reserving 10 of the 20 licenses of “social equity applicants”. 

Who is a social equity applicant?

The bill leaves room for the CCB to determine what applicants are considered social equity applicants. 

The goal is to increase diversity and equality in the cannabis industry of Nevada.

Why Consumption Lounges Now?

The pandemic saw greater acceptance and less stigma attached to recreational marijuana use. These changing attitudes and increase in consumption have led to an easing of restrictions on cannabis consumption.

Benefits of Cannabis Consumption Lounges

For users, the lounges will provide a place to gather and socially engage with others. It will also continue to increase the mainstream acceptance of recreational marijuana use. 

For the local Nevada areas, cannabis consumption lounges mean more jobs and increased appeal to tourists.

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