Strain Spotlight: MTF

by Megan Panameno - Posted 1 year ago

The only time that it is perfectly acceptable to cuss during everyday conversation is when you are referencing the weed strain, Matanuska Thunder Fuck. Actually, there are many times when it’s okay to swear, especially when you work in the cannabis industry, but that’s not what we are trying to spotlight in the presence of this beautiful cultivar. 

Matanuska Thunder Fuck, or MTF, is named after its place of origin in Matanuska Valley. Much like the valley from which it hails, it has a smell that is both musky and earthy. This bud looks cold as ice, with white, frosty crystals, like the snow-covered mountain ranges of the Alaskan tundra. However, there is nothing cold about these frosty white hairs, as they are filled with delicious trichomes (that is the part of the plant that has the cannabinoids and terpenes, like Delta-8, CBG, THC, CBD, B-Caryophyllene, Humulene and hundreds more. AKA the good stuff that has the medicine (and the effects). Fun fact, we still do not know exactly how many cannabinoids there are in the cannabis sativa plant, but most researchers agree that there are 150+, each with its own properties and effects on the physiology of our bodies. 

Enough about science, let us talk about the unique history of this strain. MTF fits the hippie stoner stereotype to a T, as legend has it that it was first grown in a government agricultural station by Counter-Culture families in the 1960s in Alaska. This went on for generations with the influx of the original love generations’ movement to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley during the 1970s. Indeed, some cannabis community members claim that MTF is less a specific strain, and generally refers to ANY cultivar grown in the Matanuska Valley. Alaskans cite lack of cloning, loss of knowledge through the generations, and lots of confiscations by law enforcement during the cannabis prohibition eras as reasons behind the lack of terpene consistency in the strain. Regardless, MTF gets credit for providing the good folks of Alaska with green bud that was not imported, which is enough to make any cannabis connoisseur proud.
The myth might be true that ANY premium cannabis from the valley is called MTF, but we certainly will not complain. Not when they all come out super smokable, potent and high quality. In the wine industry, it is said that certain vineyards have the right combination of soil and elements to influence the creation of fruits that go above and beyond. The same can be said of certain cannabis cultivation regions. Although this plant is generally grown indoors, it is safe to say that those original growers yielded consistently high results. Even if this strain name is just an appellation; who cares when the stability in the name lies in the strength of potency and terpene profiles?
Now, let us talk about the most important part, how this sweet lady makes you feel. Ingesting this cannabis, whether in flower, concentrate or edible form, has a slow entourage effect to begin with, but don’t let it fool you, this cannabis tends to bring on a strong body high. Known to be indica-dominant in terpene profile, MTF is notable for its creeper effects at first, followed by a super body euphoria. Smoking MTF brings you back to the basics, to a time when life was uncomplicated, and you could just lay back and smoke, no worries in the world. That is something to be proud of, no matter where you came from. Pick up this strain at your favorite dispensary today and get transported back to a simpler time.