RSO – Everything you need to know!

by Megan Panameno - Posted 3 years ago

First off; who is Rick Simpson and what is this oil?
  Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO as it is commonly referred to, is a thick, viscous oil made by extracting the cannabis flower via various solvent-based extraction methods. RSO is named after…. You guest it! Rick Simpson. Rick Simpson was an inventor, who was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2003. The Canadian-born engineer, who subsequently used cannabis in his day to day, decided to whip up an extra potent batch of cannabis oil after reading a study about cannabis curing cancer in mice. After utilizing this very strong THC oil, he allegedly cured his cancer. In 2008, a film maker released a documentary on his remarkable cure, and boom bang bing…. RSO was on its way to becoming a household name.

Although there is little empirically supported data on the internal and external use of cannabis oil in curing cancer, the research out there has been promising. According to a German review of literature on cancer studies and cannabis conducted in 2020 “preclinical studies, particularly recent ones, unanimously suggest the therapeutic efficacy of CBD.” (Likar, Kostenberger & Nahler, 2020).  If the cannabis plant were to become federally legal, scientists would be able to study the healing benefits in greater detail, and we would be able to write one heck of a follow-up blog. Until then, this is what we know.

               A fair warning, not all RSO is created equal. To reap the full healing benefits of the plant, RSO should be made with high quality cannabis to begin with. RSO is an unadulterated cannabis oil containing every essential compound found in the original plant.  These compounds include cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, etc.), terpenes (limonene, linalool, myrcene, etc.), flavonoids, chlorophyll, and even the naturally occurring plant waxes.  This is why the whole plant is used.

               How to Dose:  it is recommended that you start with 1 “rice grain” size amount of RSO, or about 25 mg of oil, 3 times per day.  Cannavative’s RSO in the Klik hardware takes the guesswork out of the equation; providing this measured dose of RSO in every Klik.  If this dose is uncomfortably strong, feel free start with a smaller amount as long as you continue to increase in the effort to strengthen your tolerance.  For the full complete medicinal treatment, it is then recommended to increase your dose by double every week until you are consuming a full gram per day for 30 consecutive days.  When approaching this maximum dose, we recommend the Cannavative Potent Pack where we have packaged this into 10 easy to swallow capsules.  Please consult with your doctor before starting any sort of at-home treatment method.

Not trying to front, Rick Simpson does not approve this message. He believes that true RSO can only be made at home utilizing a very specific solvent, also known as paint thinner! Now, any solvent is removed 100% from the extract after heat is introduced, but here at Cannavative, we want to make sure that our product is 100% safe for human consumption, so we use a food grade ethanol (that is still removed before the final product is ever consumed).  In addition, Rick Simpson believes that RSO must be Indica only and should not contain CBD isolate.  Here at Cannavative, we provide our customers the option of both Indica and Sativa and we also recognize the therapeutic benefits of CBD so we offer a 1:1-THC:CBD option as well. Although we might not have the blessings of the man who grew recognition for this type of cannabis oil, we still commend him for having the courage to share his cannabis story during a time of prohibition. Thank you for helping to normalize this amazing plant Rick Simpson!