Brand Focus – Welcome Resin8 to the Cannavative Cartridge Family

by Megan Panameno - Posted 3 years ago

We know what it’s like, you walk into a dispensary, get convinced by the overhyped budtender to buy the cartridge of the brand that they’re wearing on their shirt and two days later you’ve smoked the thing that you spent more than an 1/8th of flower on, and you’re not even high.  We have been there 100%, which is why we created Resin8.

               You might be almost finished reading this by now, thinking…”whatever, I only smoke flower anyway” (and we love flower!).  Let us take a brief detour to discuss why to use cartridges in general.  A few scenarios to consider. What about when you really want to get high, however you’re driving with Aunt Sally and that’s just not an option?  This is where cartridges come in. Have a corporate job and feel like you could function better in the afternoon with a little sesh but don’t want your boss to smell that sweet weed scent on your clothing?  Use a cartridge.  How about all you Moms and Dads out there? Are you feeling the stress of that undervalued position got you, and you could really use a quick sesh, but don’t want to explain that to your petulant offspring?  Use a cartridge.

Our Cannavative Resin8 cartridges are made from the best distillate.  This is essentially the cleanest oil of concentrated cannabinoids (THC) without all the impurities.  Clarity is the key!  We then add the highest quality, natural, botanically-derived terpenes to offer our customers one of the strongest, most delicious cartridges around. Ever questioned why Resin8 doesn’t look filled to the brim?  We do that for a specific reason; our oil is simply that strong. Nevada has a rule that full gram cartridges cannot contain more than 800mg THC. Since our oil is always testing higher than 80% THC, we have adjusted to provide the maximum mg and give you the best bang for your buck.

Let’s face it; the battle between price and quality has gone on for centuries; so we understand why these things are important to our customers. This is why we created Resin8, a cartridge for the everyday cartridge consumer.  Don’t get us wrong, when we say “everyday” we aren’t talking about basic.  We are talking about daily cannabis consumption.  Resin8 is a cartridge option that is high in potency, lasting in flavor, and priced just right.  It’s designed for the cartridge consumer that’s tired of going through their distillate so quickly, or for anyone who understands the value of a dollar.