CannaVative Farms:

CannaVative Farms is a medical cannabis cultivation facility in the state of Nevada where the highest quality medical marijuana flower is grown and harvested and sold to Nevada State-certified medical marijuana dispensaries.

CannaVative Farms

Our cultivators have perfected a proprietary grow-process, a proprietary clean-extraction process, and industry consulting methods that are unlike anything in the industry.  CannaVative Farmscultivates medical marijuana in individual 40’ x 8’ x 9.5’ steel containers called Pharm Pods and custom-built rooms for an enhanced CGE (Closed Growing Environment). Growing in this manner gives this product maximum security and cuts the build-out time. Each pre-fabricated container (Pod) and custom-built grow rooms will be individually locked from the outside when they are not in use, contain door access controls & a robust security system and will contain carbon-filtered air scrubbers, adding an extra layer of security and odor-prevention.

Our master cultivators will customize every Pod and grow room. The pods will arrive outfitted with the necessary equipment to immediately begin growing, and will be designed specifically for the different stages of the cultivation process – cloning, vegetation, & flowering. Drying, curing and trimming have their own designated, customized rooms. Pods are double stacked to maximize facility space and meet all local code and safety requirements. Having strict control over the grow environment allows plants to thrive on CO₂, which increases the quality of the end product.


Working with the master cultivators, the team’s business and technology specialists have developed proprietary software to mitigate risk and maintain appropriate levels of growth elements throughout the grow cycle. This software enables master cultivators and others to focus their time on the critical aspects of the grow cycle and yet maintain a safe, productive and clean environment during the grow cycle. It also reduces unnecessary labor intensive monitoring during the grow process. These products would only be sold to Nevada state-certified medical marijuana dispensaries.

CannaVative Extracts:

CannaVative Extractsis a medical cannabis production facility in the state of Nevada that specializes in extracting medical marijuana oil from marijuana plant trimmings to be processed into a sustainable product, in the form of waxes, vape-oil, shatter and edibles (MIPS-marijuana infused products). The Operational Team has mastered the art of extraction for waxes and oil, far exceeding the industry average for quantity, quality and content.

Our goal through CannaVative Extracts is to develop the best possible product that is extracted in our ETS close loop extractor and purged in vacuum oven under low temperature for best taste and lowest gas residual.These products will only be sold to Nevada state-certified medical marijuana dispensaries and The CannaVative Group will continue to educate and inform resident-patients and non-resident patients of new trends and safety requirements in the industry pertaining to new MIPS products.